Our mission is to provide leadership and inspire long-term, local philanthropy to ensure the diversity and vitality of the greater Missoula community.
The Project Grant Award is underwritten by these Governance Committee members: Caroline Kurtz, Martha Newell, Annie Schaub Watson, Julie Osborn, Kate Mrgudic and Missoula Community Foundation. Supplemental funding is provided by: Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation, Stranahan Foundation, 
High Stakes Foundation and United Way of Missoula County. MPNE is administered by the Missoula Community Foundation (MissoulaCF) and is conducted in partnership with Big Sky Institute for the Advancement of Nonprofits.

A Project Grant of up to $5,000
will be awarded to conduct a capacity building project that focuses on one or more priorities identified through the applicant's MPNE Organizational Assessment Award. The Project Grant will support the costs of hiring a consultant and related meeting and travel expenses. The applicant is not required to apply for the full $5,000.

The applicant can use the Project Grant to leverage additional funds from other sources to underwrite an expanded scope of activities.  However, the activities funded by the Project Grant must be achievable with this funding as a stand alone project. In other words, completion of your project cannot depend upon additional funds being raised from other sources.     

1) Grantee must currently be working to deliver the programs and services it was generally conducting at the time the MPNE Assessment Award was approved. 

2) The applicant’s board and staff must be committed to carrying out the project, and to participating in the associated activities; have a desire to implement recommended improvements; be willing to engage in follow-up activities; and be willing to provide advice and assistance to future organizations seeking MPNE grants.

3) The organizational environment of the applicant must be conducive to working with a consultant, including stable leadership, board/staff consensus on the needs and desired outcomes, and the absence of imminent organizational crises.

4) The applicant must demonstrate a need for the project as determined through the MPNE comprehensive organizational assessment process, and the project must be likely to have a significant positive impact on the organization.

MissoulaCF will hold an orientation session for project grant applicants on July 17th from 10-11:30 am. This session is intended to assist you as you complete the project grant application, and to allow you to interact with your fellow MPNE grantees. Please plan to attend the session. Meredith Printz will provide more details on the session via email.

Grants are for consultation (by an external consultant) to help improve the management capacity of nonprofit organizations, thus promoting organizational effectiveness. The primary use of grant funds is to pay costs to conduct the consultation project (fees, travel costs, etc.).

2) Examples of eligible projects include:

  • organizational planning: strategic planning, organizational structure
  • program design and evaluation,
  • cultural diversity issues,
  • marketing/communications,
  • leadership development for board, staff or volunteers,
  • strategic partnerships/collaboration,
  • financial management and
  • fund development planning.

Other organizational development needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

3)  Generally, up to 15% of the project grant can be used for non-consultant costs related to the project, such as staff time or meeting expenses. Exceptions for a higher administrative percentage will be made in special circumstances; for example: for travel to remote rural areas. If you include non-consulting costs on your application, please specify how the non-consulting funds will be used. You may request an exception in Question 4 A. in the Short Essay Questions section of the application.

MPNE grants will not be made for the following activities:

  • general operating support;
  • information systems/technology planning;
  • equipment or software purchase;
  • construction or rehabilitation of facilities;
  • emergency repairs;
  • debt liquidation;
  • routine financial audits;
  • projects requesting a consultant to perform staff functions; or
  • fundraising activities, such as special events, direct mail or capital campaigns (including feasibility studies).
The recipient organization will select and contract with a consultant most appropriate to carry out its specific project based on the needs determined in the organizational assessment. MissoulaCF will review and approve the scope of work developed with the selected consultant, in order to ensure that the work will meet the objectives you communicate in this application. The contractual arrangements with the consultant should not be finalized until MissoulaCF has approved the scope of work, or if needed, approved the revised scope of work.

Fifty percent of the grant award will be sent directly to the organization once a contract (or memorandum of agreement) has been signed with a consultant. MissoulaCF will provide a list of consultants in a variety of organizational development areas, though grantees may select a consultant not on the list.  We also will provide informational materials about selecting and contracting with a qualified consultant. The remaining 50% of the grant award will be sent to the organization upon receipt of written confirmation on the organization's letterhead that the project has been completed.  

Notification of the status of your award:
You will receive notification, by email, that your application has been received within five working days of its receipt. You will be contacted within 10 working days of application receipt to discuss any questions or concerns that need to be addressed in order for the application to be approved. You will receive notification of the acceptance or rejection of your application no later than 15 working days of the application deadline.


Please contact:  Meredith Printz, MissoulaCF Executive Director

Phone: (406) 926-2846 or (406) 552-7347

Email: meredith@missoulacommunityfoundation.org

Applications are due by midnight Thursday, August 31, 2017.